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HX series AC electric arc furnace
  • HX series AC electric arc furnace

HX series AC electric arc furnace

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product description:The latest technology for steelmaking electric arc furnaces that can be held:Sin......
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   The latest technology for steelmaking electric arc furnaces that can be held:

  Single-electrode DC power supply technology, reducing electrode consumption by 50% and reducing power consumption by 5%

  Electromagnetic stirring effect on molten steel, more uniform heating, and less disturbance to the power grid

  Copper-steel composite conductive electrode arm, tubular water-cooled furnace wall, tubular water-cooled furnace cover, eccentric bottom tapping

  Microcomputer control:

  Hydraulic electrode regulator

  Frequency :

  Motor type electrode regulator, energy-saving short net, large section water-cooled cable, oxygen oil burner

  Water-cooled carbon oxide gun

        Hx series electric arc furnace technical parameters:

modelShell inner diameter  mmSteel water capacity  tTransformer rated capacity KVATransformer primary voltage KvTransformer secondary voltage KvElectrode diameter mmElectrode distribution circle diameter  mmCooling water consumptionm/hMechanical equipment weight t
HX-0.521000.53206  10200-98Φ150Φ45085
HX-1.525001.512506  10210-104Φ200Φ650149
HX-33000322006  10220-110Φ250Φ7501524
HX-53400532006  10240-121Φ300Φ8501534
HX-103500105000 800010260-139Φ350Φ9502074
HX-2042002010000 1250035280-100        314-116Φ400Φ10502598
HX-3046003012500 16000 2500035  110314-116        353-137Φ450Φ115053178
HX-4050004020000 31500035  110392-158     489-201Φ500Φ125080205
HX-5052005025000 31500 4000035  110436-184        547-223Φ500Φ1300133224
HX-6055006040000 5000035  110547-223         610-250Φ550Φ1350150252
HX-7558007550000 6300035  110610-250        473-227Φ600Φ1450180274
HX-100640010050000 63000 8000035  110673-277        760-310Φ600Φ1450230294
HX-125680012563000 80000 10000035  110760-310        880-330Φ650Φ1500260330

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