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How to use electroslag furnace crystallizer accessories

Article Source:lushoon Metall Popularity:1004 Issuing time:2019-05-18

   Jiangsu Liushen Metallurgical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.is an advanced technology enterprise mainly engaged in the development, design, manufacture and technical training services of metallurgical equipment for 20 years. The company's main products are electroslag furnace series: ordinary electroslag remelting furnace, electroslag melting furnace, atmosphere protection electroslag furnace and so on. Our company has first-class modern factory and advanced technology equipment, testing equipment, strong technical force, stable and reliable product quality, sold well all over the country, praised by users, and our company is also with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Experts and professors of the Iron and Steel Research Institute, Shanghai Iron and Steel Research Institute, and Guangxi Metallurgical Research Institute maintained good relations and carried out product development and innovation.


        The electroslag furnace crystallizer is a matching equipment in the production process of electroslag furnace equipment. It is mainly a kind of equipment in which the molten steel gradually crystallizes into an electroslag steel ingot in the remelting process. Today, Xiaobian will introduce some to you. Some tips on the use of electroslag furnace crystallizer accessories, to avoid some problems when using.   

        Electroslag furnace crystallizer product accessories Due to different varieties and management systems, the accessories produced by different electroslag furnace crystallizer manufacturers also have different scrapping standards. The amount of steel is usually used to calibrate the service life of the electroslag furnace mold accessories. There are two important parameters, the reverse taper and the amount of wear, but in fact these two parameters also affect each other.   

        In order to eliminate or reduce the influence of the air gap, the inner cavity of the crystallizer fitting should be designed to a certain degree of reverse taper according to the different shrinkage characteristics of the steel and the degree of thermal deformation of the copper plate. The selection of the product taper should follow the following principles:   

        The solidification and shrinkage characteristics of the steel, the shape of the inner cavity should be largely adapted to the actual shape of the internal solidified embryo shell, thereby reducing the thickness of the air gap in the entire crystallizer fitting to a very low degree, improving the heat transfer effect and ensuring the inside. Uniformity of the thickness of the embryo shell and the hypocotyl.   

        After the pipe is used, if the overhaul span cannot repair the reverse taper to the standard range required by the steel mill, the service life can be prolonged, and in order to ensure the working effect, in the working process of the continuous casting electroslag furnace crystallizer, do not near the big bag turret Someone stays or crosses back and forth.   

        It is not allowed to make fire, eat and play in all control rooms. The console of the control room is strictly prohibited to rest on foot, sit on people, stack items, especially not allowed to put tea cups. Reading newspapers and magazines, etc., is not allowed during operation.   

        The above is the relevant information about the electroslag furnace that Liu Shen explained for everyone. I hope everyone can like it. Our company pursues the corporate philosophy of "people-oriented, service first". Through the dedication and unremitting efforts of all employees, we have established a system of management, quality assurance, service and sales. With excellent products and superb technology, Huajin serves customers in every stage of engineering development, installation and commissioning on-site operation, equipment maintenance, update improvement and audit investment.   

        We warmly welcome people from all walks of life in all regions of the country to join hands and create brilliance.

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