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        Jiangsu Lushoon Metallurgical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced technology enterprise mainly engaged in the development, design, manufacture and technical training services of metallurgical equipment for 20 years. The factory is located in Xinghua City, the hometown of Yangzhou Baqi Zhengbanqiao. It is a modern factory building and advanced technology equipment. It has complete testing equipment, strong technical force, stable and reliable product quality, and is well received by users. At the same time, our company also Experts and professors such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Iron and Steel Research Institute, Shanghai Iron and Steel Research Institute, and Guangxi Metallurgical Research Institute maintained good relations and carried out product development and innovation.

        The company's main products are electroslag furnace series: ordinary electroslag remelting furnace, electroslag melting furnace, atmosphere protection electroslag furnace, bipolar series electroslag furnace, double arm rotary electroslag furnace, three-phase four-arm electroslag furnace, Slab electroslag furnace, ingot type electroslag furnace, etc. are widely used in high temperature alloys, precipitation hardening type heat resistant steel, corrosion resistant alloys, tool steel, nickel chromium, nickel chrome alloy steel, valve steel, titanium alloy and other steel grades. Remelting and remelting casting.

        Small electric arc furnace series include: steelmaking electric arc furnace, refining wheel grey electric arc furnace, and smelting powder electric arc furnace.

        The electroslag crystallizer has various specifications of 10KG-30T, and has a circular shape, a square arch shape, a tubular shape, and a cast-shaped shape. There are single-layer water-cooled, double-layer water-cooled, as well as single, split and assembled.

Electroslag (arc) furnace control system includes: electric slag control cabinet, high and low voltage power supply cabinet, electric arc furnace control cabinet, industrial computer control cabinet and so on.

        Electric furnace accessories are: ladle, copper row, copper plate, copper rod, water-cooled cable, conductive cross arm, chrome-copper alloy electrode chuck, copper-steel composite electrode chuck.

        The twenty-first century is a century of innovation and a century of competition. It is the competition of people, the competition of quality, the competition of services, and the competition of prices. Our company pursues the corporate philosophy of "people-oriented, customer service". Through the dedication and unremitting efforts of all employees, we have established a system of management, quality assurance, service and sales. With excellent products and superb technology, Huajin serves customers in every stage of engineering development, installation and commissioning on-site operation, equipment maintenance, update improvement and audit investment.

        We warmly welcome people from all walks of life in all regions of the country to join hands and create brilliance.